Fresh Start

Welcome to my new blog! I plan to be a lot more invested in this blog than the “old blog

2010 was wild! I worked 70 days straight twice, took a few trips that required flying and realized I am not a good “flyer”, the busiest portrait weekend included 8 sessions and 17 ticks..ALL in different locations!  (both the sessions AND the ticks..hehe) To be honest, working that much, I don’t know how I did it..but I continually pushed through and made myself promise I wouldn’t get caught up like that again!

Photography for me is an escape from the “real world” — When I am behind my camera the only thing I am thinking about is creating beautiful portraits for the client..there are no other worries.  I have been really lucky to work with some amazing clients and I am looking forward to 2011.

For 2011, I will be booking less portraits and I’m almost maxed out on weddings this year (February-April availability & October-December only!)

Since posts are not complete without a picture..I cannot look at this one without smiling!

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